My name is Savannah J Catala but I prefer to be called Sav.
I live in Yonkers.
I usually get to campus by car. It usually takes me about 30 to get to campus from home.
I am most fluent inEnglish.
I work at VEGA Resturant as well as the Marriott for about 50 hours per week.
Someone I know who has earned a college degree is my sister, Kany.
Something I’ve done that I’m proud of is graduating high school on time.
In my free time I enjoy listening to music and reading.
Three of my favorite things are my daughter, money, & music.
One of my favorite visual artists or designers is Alberto Seveso.
Something I like about college is learning new things.
Something I don’t like about college is the homework.
Other courses I’m taking this semester are Astrology, Film, Global History and a seminar.
Are you looking to earn a degree at Westchester Community College?Yes If so, about how close are you to completing it? 52%
I chose to enroll in 2D Design because it is a requirement for my degree.
Something I’d like to learn in 2D Design is how to paint.
The final grade I’d like to earn in 2D Design is an A+.
I expect to spend about 6 hours per week on homework for 2D Design.
In five years I would like to be a freelance graphic designer.
Three adjectives others might use to describe me are: Resilient, Independent, Passionate.